ILA Group Investments

  • ILA Group has so far invested in five venture, two in the United States focusing on ground breaking future technologies, and three in Egypt focusing on delivering differentiated services within the Telecom Industry.  
  • ILA endeavours to identify highly promising new ventures focused on delivering new technologies or services addressing the upcoming third wave of growth for the Telecom industry, and invest in them either directly or through funds setup with strategic partners and investors.  
  • All ventures selected go through ILA’s Acid tests to guarantee that the opportunity complies with ILA’s strict strategic objectives and future exit strategies.



Beyond Limits (USA)

Beyond Limits, a portfolio company of ILA Group, is a technology development and commercialization company that specializes in bringing state-of- the-art technologies into the commercial marketplace. Beyond Limits funds, develops, and inspires high-tech startup companies. As a spin-off entity of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech),the company currently focuses on technologies originally developed for NASA and the US Department of Defense. Initial investment in these technologies amount to over $150M and many years of R&D, enabling Beyond Limits to manage the commercialization process with only a modest additional investment. Beyond Limits core competencies are in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Expert Systems, Natural Language Understanding, Reasoning, Signal Processing and Bio-Inspired Image Processing. Beyond Limits supports its subsidiaries through highly specialized & experienced teams, and exclusive access to breakthrough technologies from Caltech and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Beyond Limits operates through its subsidiaries in the following market sectors: Telecom & Media, Health Care & Big Pharma, Embedded Intelligent Systems and Next Gen Search. Each subsidiary is provided with an important set of building blocks to help drive product development and market competitiveness. In addition to providing access to exclusive leading edge technologies, Beyond Limits also provides core support and common infrastructure. Beyond Limits actively identifies and nurtures promising opportunities with big market potential and applies a pragmatic and vigorous approach to developing world class and industry-leading companies. Global in scope, but focused in style, Beyond Limits companies work within a flexible framework that encourages collaboration and accelerates all the elements of market competitiveness.


RedLambda (USA)
Red Lambda is an innovation company from Florida with 8 awarded patents and 8 others pending final award; focused on Cloud Security and Big Data Analytics technologies.
Red Lambda offers one unified, seamlessly integrated platform and a suite of bold solutions unlike anything in the industry today. 
The following capabilities are what make Red Lambda unique

  • Massive Speed and Scale.Real Time Intelligence.
  • One Seamlessly Integrated Suite of Solutions.
  • ​Tools that allow Making Sense of the Data. Read more..
  • Website:


Mobile Wave Three – MW3 (Egypt)
Mobile Wave Three (MW3) is a new venture focused on delivering technologies and management services to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), or Over The Top (OTT) companies helping them tapping into the new emerging opportunities of the third wave of growth predicted by market analysis’s and industry consultants.  

MW3’s Ecosystem Enabling Platform (E2P) is a pioneering technology that allows MNOs, MVNOs, and OTTs create efficient markets that can scale focusing on m2m and B2B products and services.  The platform provides technologies and services that helps resolving the scalability issues of the stakeholders of the relevant marketplace.

MW3’s E2P is characterized with the following pioneering marketplace capabilities:

  • Full m2m/B2B e-Commerce marketplace
  • Consumer Profiling and Recommendation Engine
  • Content and Advertisement Engine
  • Escrow Based Skills Marketplace
  • Alliance and Vendor Management Programs
  • Communities and Groups of Interest Capabilities
  • Complete Supply Chain Back-end with CRM and Financials.  Read more..
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Mobicom (Egypt)

Mobicom is one of ILA’s ventures totally focusing on delivering Retail and wholesale telecom services in Egypt.
Mobicom is one of the leading franchising partners of ETISALAT Egypt. 

Through a chain of branded shops, warehouses and distribution fleet, modicum is serving a large segment of ETISALAT’s consumers in major cities in Egypt and its suburbs. Mobicom provides to ETISALAT customers all branded services and products that ETISALAT markets, but also provide those customers with unique products of its own such as mobile devices and mobile accessories.

Mobicom business Philosophy is based on:

  • Understanding the mobile consumers’ needs and wants, through proper profiling of their behavior 
  • Delivering those needs and wants through a delightful engagement and First Class service
  • Run an efficient business that allows for competing in the market based on Value for money
  • Build a franchising model that can be replicated across the Middle East and Africa. Read more..
  • Website:


Automation Consultants  (Egypt)

Automation Consultants (AC) is a leading Information Technology (IT) solution provider in the Middle East and Africa. AC has been serving those markets for more than 25 years.
After ILA’s acquisition, AC has been transformed to focus on the future technologies of Cloud based applications and Software As A Service (SaaS) offerings. 
Automation has managed to transform almost all its assets of legacy IT applications to be Cloud based, deliverable as SaaS to its targeted customers.

AC portfolio of SaaS has the following features:

  • One-time Licensed Solutions and monthly service fees
  • Single and multi-tenants solutions
  • Solutions for several vertical industries
  • Support for leading international software platforms
  • Cost effective underlying Infrastructure resources IaaS.  Read more..
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