ILA’s strategic focus is on becoming one of the leading international companies investing in and managing Telecommunication and IT promising ventures. 
and in order to fill the gap of the technical service providers in the invest field in our part of the world, ILA provides a portfolio of unique services targeting a wide spectrum of customers, prospects, partners and even government organizations, helping making the investment process more efficient and effective in yielding the targeted results for all parties.  Following is an outline of the strategic Investment related services that ILA provides to its clients and prospects:

Investment Funds Creation and Management

ILA will primarily fill the gap of technical services providers in the following areas:

  • ILA, along with its financial partners, plans to launch several funds to investors.

  • The Funds will primarily focus on opportunities within the telecom and telecom related IT industries. 

  • ILA will play the technical partner and technical manager for the fund.

ILA’s executive management and investment experts’ team consists of seasoned professionals with a "hands-on" approach to financial investment guidance. Not only do clients find our team members knowledgeable, they also quickly discover that our staff truly care about making their financial goals a reality. We take time to listen to our clients, identify their goals and advise them on how to get there using a disciplined investment approach.

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Strategic Management Advisory Services

ILA’s strategic management advisory services help startups, new ventures looking for growth or troubled ventures seeking turnaround programs; through working with the owners or executive management of these ventures to understand their capital, operational, technical and commercial risks that are inherent in the company's strategies, operations, management and finances. 

Balancing effective risk management strategies, contingency plans, innovation, and seizing new opportunities (the risk-opportunity balance) and making sure that strategic risk management is driven to all corners of the enterprise, is the core of what ILA’s advisory service are to these organizations. ILA’s Strategic Advisory services are extended and are considered extremely beneficial by:

  • Regional Enterprises & Corporations

  • Government Bodies & Boards

  • Newly Established Ventures

  • Investment Organizations

  • International Technology and Service Players Approaching our region

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Operational and Management Services

ILA’s executive teams are regionally renowned of their ability to manage Telecom and IT companies of medium to large size enterprises for growth and profitability.  They also have managed to turnaround troubled-organizations in short times using unique strategies such as:

  • Market expansion and diversification

  • New Products and Services Innovation

  • Consolidation and Synergy Identifications

  • Mergers and acquisitions, or even

  • Creating Value through Strategic Divestment

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Startup Management Services

Startup projects are complex projects and usually are with very tight timelines.  They are also unique projects from a cultural point of view, as usually the majority of staff are new and they come from different backgrounds and different cultural perspectives.  This complexity make the success of the startup project and meeting the challenging deadlines an uphill battle that requires previous experience and capabilities that are not easily found in the market. 

ILA team is very much versed with these challenges, and has developed unique methodologies, techniques and management style to handle such complex projects and improve its chances of success dramatically.  

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