ILA is a newly established venture headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain. ILA pledges the financial power of regionally renowned investors and investment bodies with the extensive knowledge and experience of many telecommunications and IT executives from around the world. ILA aims to use the investment funds that it manages telecommunications and IT companies and capitalize on the emerging opportunities arising from the convergence between the two industries.

ILA is led by Dr. Saad Al-Barrak, former Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Zain Group. As CEO of Zain Mobile Communication Group, Dr. Al-Barrak embarked on an aggressive expansion program that took the company from a regional player in 2003 to a multinational wireless powerhouse operating in 23 countries and serving over 70 million individual and business customers throughout the Middle East and Africa.


 ILA’s Investment Strategy 

  • ​​​ILA’s investment strategy focuses on directing capital to quoted and unquoted companies as well as debt and debt-related instruments.

  • ILA’s investment strategy aims at not merely providing a funding source but also a source of management expertise, strategies, and synergistic value-added with other companies under ILA’s control.

  • ILA will demand excellence and superior quality in all activities it undertakes. However, unlike most companies which focus their investments on a selected stage of the business growth, whether early stage, expansion, or late-stage, ILA will look at opportunities that span the whole spectrum from the early stage to the late stages.

  • In terms of geography, the company will focus on projects or investment opportunities attending to or involved in next generation technologies based in the USA, while focus on projects or investment opportunities of consumer service nature operating in the Middle East and Africa, with the Gulf being the main area of focus.  ILA may look at projects outside of these areas on a project-by-project basis given the project’s strong potential returns and if it complements ILA’s investment strategy.

  • Overall, the combination is expected to lead to a well-diversified portfolio in all aspects.

  • Each proposal will be reviewed individually and as part of the investment portfolio of ILA. The ability and integrity of the management and the growth potential of the business are the key factors that ILA will consider when deciding on an investment. ILA will be looking at lucrative opportunities in the retail, services and financial areas within the Telecom and IT sectors, where value creation can be identified.

  • ​ILA will be looking at the following situations:

- Start-ups

- Divestitures & spin-offs

- Co-development of family businesses

- Operational improvement of under-performing assets

- Businesses in need of capital for growth

- Turnaround opportunities

- Privatization opportunities

- Acquisition- driven sector consolidation

- Late-stage buyouts or minority purchases

  • An important role of ILA’s investment management team is to identify and structure exits from some of its investments to realize value. The most suitable exit routes will be either through listing or a trade sale of its investments.

  • Given the track record of ILA supported by the wealth of experience of ILA’s management team, ILA will target to achieve a return on equity above 20% p.a. This targeted return will come either in the form of capital gains or distributable income to investors.

  • Investment in ILA suggests a medium-to-long term time horizon when ILA equity investments provide its potential returns and the proposed fund is fully funded and returns are maximized.  Accordingly, ILA’s business model will mature over a period within 3-5 years to optimize shareholder’s return before its IPO.


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